Sunday, March 26, 2006

More on Space 


Some weeks ago I wrote an opening piece on some thoughts about space, which, unfortunately, I have not been able to follow up on. (The reasonse are the subject of another blog entry). I do still intend to write more on this subject. For now, however, I want to link to "When Virtual Worlds Collide", a recent article in Wired which treats the question from another angle (video games). My commentary will follow soon (hopefully).


In the comments to this post, Sharon points out that there is a response to the Wired article at Terra Nova, and also a Tablula Rasa role-playing game which exemplifies the convergence of online gaming communities. I don't have time for a significant commentary this morning, but some of the issues under discussion resemble narrative intertextuality. It might be interesting to think about how such intertextuality functions in the construction of community. More later, but, for now, thanks for the tips, Sharon.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

An LA moment 

I just got back from the Medieval Association of the Pacific Conference in Salt Lake City. Most of my spare time for the past few weeks has consisted of getting my paper ready, so I haven't had much time to post new blog entries. Despite it's being an easy trip between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, I'm pretty tired from the conference, so now I'm in recovery mode.

My one achievement since arriving back in LA has been to help my wife shop for a formal attire business event tomorrow. So here's the LA moment. The saleswoman in Macy's shoe department, when she learned that my wife was looking for shoes to match her dress, enquired: "Are you looking for something for the Academy Awards?" We were much amused.

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