Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Comments Enabled 

I've just enabled comments, though it wasn't a straightforward process, as Blogger seem to have introduced the technology before it was quite perfected. You basically have to insert the code into the template yourself, but this isn't a big deal. Meanwhile, I still cannot get Google's search site technology to work.

I have now introduced a meta refresh to the mBlog site so that anyone going there will be automatically re-directed here. This, I think, prompts a few words about why I switched to Blogger. It's pure coincidence that Blogger's recent upgrade addressed some of the differences between its service and that of services running with Movable Type (comments, image hosting, and the like). There are still some problems with Blogger: no (working) site search capability, advertising at the top of the page (in the free version), and no hosting of other web pages with the same URL as the web log. All of these are, I believe, addressable with a bit of work. On the immediate plus side, the most important aspects of web log maintenance are much easier on Blogger: posting (especially using BlogThis!), managing settings, and changing the template. Blogger does not have nearly the flexibility of Movable Type (e.g. multiple templates for different parts of the web log), but its template structure is much simpler and easier to edit. I've been able to get what I want done much faster.

In the end, taking the various trade-offs into account, Blogger seemed better for me.

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