Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I really am cursed 

One week after dealing with a blocked sewer line sending dirty water welling up from my sinks, I came home from work to find a small wet patch in the carpet right beneath my desk chair. The wet patch started to grow--fast. It turned out that there had been a leaky pipe in the (thankfully fresh) water injection system in the toilet of one of the units above me. Water had come out at the rate of at least a gallon a minute and flooded my neighbour's second bedroom. He didn't notice since he currently not living there -- that because his place is under construction, since it was flooded during the last rainy season due to our poorly constructed roof. So the water gradually made its way under the wall and into my carpet. It was 11 pm before I had managed to get a plumber to ascertain that (a) it was not more sewage, (b) it was not rainwater (we had been experiencing torrential rain all day, (c) turn off the water to the offending toilet upstairs, and (d) vacuum up some of the water in the carpet. It took another two hours yesterday for the carpet shampooers to come, suck up more water, and clean. Needless to say, very little work has been done in the intervening time. Sigh.

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